Multi Ch. Woefdram`s Whiskey For Romeo

Mio and Sander in Bordesholm 2017 Mio and family in Bordesholm 2017 Mio BOB in Bordesholm 2017
Mio in Bordesholm 2013 Mio, Manuela and M. Silva in Paderborn
Best of Breed, best male and LCD Clubwinner 2013!
Mio - 3 Jahre alt Mio is LCD Champion Mio in Neumünster 2013
in Bennekom 2011 Mio and Manuela in Italy 2012
winning the CAC and res. CACIB
Mio and Manuela in Italy 2012
photo by @tierfoto photo by @tierfoto photo by @tierfoto
photo by @tierfoto
at Cruft`s 2011 3rd placement at Cruft`s 2011
Timmerlage 2010 Mio in Timmerlage winning the Junior class and BOS
Timmerlge 2010 with his breeder
Sander Nugteren, Kennel Woefdram`s, NL
in Bennekom with Sander vp1 7 months old
carrying his first rabbit in Berlin with Inga - vp1 8 months old
6 months old 4 months old