H2-Litter/Wurf * D.O.B. 25.02.2016
2 yellow Dogs, 4 yellow Bitches
2 gelbe Rüden, 4 gelbe Hündinnen


Dolphingham Diamante Giallo   Mocny`s Knoxville
"Mia"   "Knox"
DOB 28.06.2012
HD-A2/A2, ED-0/0
DNA profile
PRA - normal/clear
EIC: N/N -normal/clear
HNPK: N/N- normal/clear
Myopathie (CNM) N/N
Dentition: full
JP/R FCI Working Certificate

D.O.B 09.03.2014
HD-A , ED-0-0
Eyes: Clear
PRA: Normal/Clear
EIC: Normal/Clear
HNPK: Normal/Clear
RD-OSD: Normal/Clear
SD2: Normal/Clear
Myopathy (CNM): Normal/Clear
Narcolepsy: Normal/Clear
Cardiac Echo Heart: Normal/Clear (o)
Colour: eeBB (pure yellow)
Dentition: Full

Breeder: Cinzia and Sergio Scorbati, IT, Kennel Dolphingham
  Breeder/ Züchter: Tiina-Loviisa Rönkkö, F - Kennel Mocny`s
M. Schmalz + E.+M. Brady, Bradston`s Labradors
  Owner / Besitzer:Sander Nugteren, NL - Kennel Woefdram`s

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